Nogara Project

Who we are

We are a Sudanese cultural social enterprise.

Nogara Project is powered by the collaborating and the hard work of many of volunteering Sudanese musicians, filmmaking, photographers and Sudanese culture researchers.

What we do

Sudan is one of the most ethnic diverse countries in Africa with almost 580 tribe and 114 local language. 

We aim to collect ethnic and traditional Sudanese music (Rhythms & Songs) with related cultural backgrounds, accompanying activities (like dances) and instrument from all parts of Sudan. We work to implement collecting ethnic and traditional music with modern music and work to publishing them throw available media and channels while reflecting related cultural backgrounds and accompanying activities.

local language
More than 300 Rhythm

Why we do it

Strengthen Sudanese identity

  • Highlighting the Sudanese culture using music.
  • Promote the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence through music.
  • Modernize Sudanese ethnic and traditional music and save it from being lost.
  • Making Sudanese ethnic and traditional music audible and global.
  • Create a common musical heritage combines all Sudanese.
Nogara Project

Our Works


The origins of Salamat tribe go back to Salim bin Mansour bin Ikrimah..

Tuareg of sudan

They are the original inhabitants of the Sahara, speaking the Amazigh Tuareg language..

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